Stop giving brands your personal email.

AdKaddy automatically organizes your brand emails, first by brand and then by marketing, shipping, & orders. All you need is your free AdKaddy email address!


1. Download 

the app

Take back control of

your brand emails!

2. Create your free

AdKaddy email 


Never miss out on a promotion, event, or product drop again!

3. Use it to checkout,

subscribe, coupon,

& more

Receive emails automatically organized by brand and email type (Marketing, Shipping & Receipts)

4. Stay organized by receiving all future brand emails to the app

Say goodbye to clutter

and interruption!

Keep up with the brands you love, in just a few easy steps!

Seamless organization

by brand

Easy access to all shipping & transactions

Emails auto organized by

marketing, receipts, & shipping 

Your personally curated magazine


Email like you've never experienced it before

We believe that keeping up with the brands you love shouldn't be difficult. We made it easy by organizing the chaos for you. Receiving shipment notifications, receipts, and promotions has never been easier, and it's all in one hyper organized platform!



“I have FOMO and missed a birthday invitation when it got lost in my email. By getting rid of all the brand clutter, I can better pay attention to the notifications I now get to my personal email (versus assuming it’s just another advertisement), so I always know what’s going on.”


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