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Stop giving brands your personal email.

AdKaddy automatically organizes your brand emails, first by brand and then by promotions, shipping & receipts. Get started with your free AdKaddy email address!

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“AdKaddy gave me the chance to rekindle my digital relationships with all the 

brands cluttering up my personal inbox.



"I love how AdKaddy automatically 

organizes and stores all my emails. I can access what I need right now and know exactly where to find things later on."



“AdKaddy let me build my own personal magazine. Going through email used to be a chore and now it feels like fun! 


Your brand relationship manager is here.

Take back your personal inbox, in just a few easy steps!


Email made easy. Know exactly where to find promotions, order info, and receipts. All in your AdBox.


Don't be afraid to give out your email address anymore. Curate your favorite brands all in one organized view. No more clutter.


Find new brands, products, and deals. No more FOMO.


Add brands, products, or deals to your personal Collections to easily access when you're ready to buy.

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Seamless organization by brand

Quickly scan your AdBox to see all the brands you're subscribed to. Never worry about those brands who send multiple emails a day cluttering up your inbox.

Emails auto organized by promos and order info

Tap on a brand in your AdBox and find all emails hyper-organized. Never miss out on new product releases, discounts, or important information. Plus, easily track and manage your orders.

Curate your own personal Magazine

The Magazine in AdKaddy is a fun and easy way to swipe through emails, that you actually want to see, from your favorite brands. 

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How can AdKaddy help you take back control?


Brand Relationship Manager

/ brand re*la*tion*ship man*a*ger / noun

The technology to manage all of your brand communications. Through email, this means organizing and managing all marketing content, shipping updates, order and receipt information, and customer support. A BRM helps you manage the stress and clutter of email so you can get back to the reason you subscribed in the first place: to stay connected with the brands you love.

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