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Our Story

Your Marketing Email Experts

AdKaddy is built specifically for you – so that you can once again connect with the brands that you love.


So what's the problem? Well, our email used to be sacred. Reserved for your favorite brands that could reach you anytime, anywhere. But then things got cluttered with the thousands of brands fighting for the top real estate in your inbox. What was once a great way to discover new products, receive great deals, and track your orders has now become a daily battle for your attention.


It's not that we don't like email. It's that the current state of email doesn't give us–the consumer–any control. It's time to stop giving out your personal email unless it's for something... well... personal.

You'd be surprised how often you give out your email without thinking about it these days. And without considering the clutter it will add to your inbox. (Or maybe you do, and maybe you've already lost all hope.) Next thing you know, you've got hundreds or thousands of unread emails stacked up and unorganized, never to be opened. 


The overwhelming number of emails has taken an emotional toll on us all.


The result: we're overwhelmed and don't open any of them. So where do we go from here? It's time to take back control. Automatically organize your brand emails with AdKaddy. Engage with brand emails on your terms, in a place dedicated for it. Come join the inbox revolution.

The Mission

To give control back to youthe consumer.

The Vision

To be a consumer's all-in-one platform to

discover and interact with brands.


We aim to achieve this by creating the world's first and best

Brand Relationship Manager.

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