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Tidying up your digital world

Updated: Sep 16, 2021


Have you watched the Tidying Up series on transforming your life through the power of organization? It shouldn’t stop with your home. Our smartphones are a source of great distraction or a tool for productivity. AdKaddy is the new must-have for decluttering your personal email and keeping up with the brands you love.

If your inbox is out of control, AdKaddy is the perfect solution. It not only gives you a new consumer email address (and a fresh start!), but it seamlessly stores and organizes all brand communications you’ll want to return to later on (like big sales, new products and shipping updates).

You can use this new email address when subscribing online or checking out at any store. (Think about when you’re asked to provide an email address at a checkout line or to access a website, but you don’t want the slew of advertisements clogging up your inbox. Use your new AdKaddy email address to stay connected without the clutter.) What’s more, the app tracks shipping and makes holding onto receipts a total breeze. You’ll save time, money and some of your sanity with AdKaddy.


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