• Cameron Cegala

Tips to organize your phone

Though we may be attached at the hip—or palm—our smartphones are often more cluttered than organized and distracting than efficient. Give your digital relationship a fresh start with these tidying tips that make a big impact.

Photos: Start by identifying your favorites and making a corresponding folder (use the heart icon to add each image to favorites). Next is delete duplicates, blurry photos or ones that don’t grab your attention. From there, you can create albums by date, location, events, or whatever way best suits your inventory. Tip: Make a “To Edit” album for photos you want to keep but aren’t ready to be filed away.

Emails: The best way to clean up your inbox is by having the right tools for different types of emails. AdKaddy keeps your inbox free of brand clutter. It gives you a consumer email address for filtering all brand messaging (like coupons, events, transactions and online subscriptions) into one place. It organizes your emails by brand name (and it looks so much better than traditional email), so you can quickly find what you need and never miss out on what’s important to you. What’s more, this keeps your personal email personal and eliminates the clutter in both areas. Tip: Use AdKaddy to store receipts and track shipping all in one place.

Apps: Getting creative with your folder titles helps with best categorizing each icon. Verb-based folders that go beyond the traditional “productivity” and “reference” names (think chat, travel, earn and listen) will help connect your brain to what it’s looking for. Color-coding is another option for easy filing, and when in doubt, alphabetical order is always king.


Follow these steps to automatically alphabetize your apps:

Launch the Settings app.

Tap "General."

Scroll down and tap "Reset."

Tap "Reset Home Screen Layout.”

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