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How to save time by changing your email address in account settings

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Everyone hates the constant emails that we are sent from brands we use often, like Amazon. So many order emails, so many new deals, so many shipping notifications. How is anyone expected to keep up?

AdKaddy was built to solve this exact problem. By converting your brand accounts from your personal email to your email address, all of your emails are automatically organized by deals, shipping notifications and order receipts.

No more scouring your inbox to see if the present your ordered has arrived in time for the surprise party or searching for the receipt of the shirt you knew wouldn’t fit but ordered anyway. Now you can have peace of mind when shopping instead of a constant distraction in your personal inbox.

Click here to be taken directly to your Amazon account settings page. Change your personal email with your AdKaddy email to stay organized when shopping on Amazon.

Use this video to learn how to easily change your account email address on Amazon to your email address. Check out our other blog post to easily change your email address in account settings for major brands.

Take back control of your personal inbox today.


Download AdKaddy for FREE today!


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