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How To Organize Your Shopping Life

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

If you were given a extra full day at the end of every week, what would you do with the time? Maybe you'd finally hit the gym, work on that hobby you've been pushing off, or pour a glass of wine and simply relax.

Here's the unpleasant truth about how much time you spend on email and what you can do to get that time back.

Fact: The average American consumer spends 2.5 hours per weekday on their personal email. That’s 12.5 hours a week you can’t get back.

The problem isn't that we spend time on email—in fact, email can be a great tool! It's that we spend most of that time clearing our inbox of junk, spam, or pesky promos from brands that we bought one thing from like ten years ago.

If you’re like us, you've probably hit a breaking point, "selected all", and hit that delete button.

Inbox Zero

That was a great feeling. For like ten minutes until you reopen your inbox and see another 200 emails stacked up...

Although inbox zero was nice for a moment, we still haven't gotten to the root of the issue, which is organization and a better email experience.

We don't want to unsubscribe. We don't want to miss out on savings. We want to organize and manage. Just think of the millions of discount codes, coupons, cool new product releases, and shipping receipts that are lost in the swarm of spam and junk mail.

A better and organized email platform
The New Way To Experience Email

With AdKaddy, your favorite brands are organized and displayed in a clean user interface. Effortlessly browse for any coupons, easily. find your receipts, and quickly track your packages.

Through this free app, specific features like the Magazine allow users to "add" the favorite brands and only browse through emails from them without sifting through all of the other emails. If you’re looking for new deals, check out the Discover tab to see what’s popular and trending in the community.

No more wasting your time miserably trying to manage your inbox. Now you can finally have your entire consumer life organized on one platform—an app dedicated to a better email experience.

Click here to see the full list of our favorite email sign-up discounts to get with your AdKaddy email. If you are new to AdKaddy, be sure to check out our other blog: 5 Tips To Manage Your Email Inbox

Happy shopping!


Download AdKaddy for FREE today!


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