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How to take advantage of email sign-up discounts

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Want that first time subscriber coupon but not all the marketing emails that follow?

Brands have started giving away anywhere from 5% - 20% off just for a consumer’s personal email, but this one-time discount leads to a lifetime of torment in our personal inboxes. Now you don’t have to choose between their first-time subscriber coupon and your sanity when checking emails.

Use your email address for all of these email sign-up discounts and when you check out. All of the emails sent from these brands will automatically be organized by promotions, shipments, and receipts. Now you can enjoy these incredible discounts without the hassle of sorting through the hundreds of emails that are bound to follow.

Check out our blog post for a list of the best email sign-up discounts to take advantage of. Don’t forget to use your email address when signing up!


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