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Take Control Of Your Consumer Life

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Did you know that 70% of us don’t unsubscribe from email because of FOMO?

That's because the best deals and information come through email subscriber lists. Think: brand updates, new product releases, big promos and exclusive deals.

We're not arguing that you get the best deals through email. But we are frustrated with the lack of organization and lack of control we have over our inboxes. So what if there was an ultra-organized platform that, put simply, made email better? No more clutter. No more FOMO. No more emails piling up. And no missing out on great deals.

Now there is – and it’s called AdKaddy.

AdKaddy started as an idea to organize your consumer life and give us all control over where and when we can be reached by advertisers. We started with email—organizing all your emails first by individual brand as if they each were a folder, and then further by sub-category for promotions, shipping & receipts.


But it’s evolved beyond a simple inbox organizer. And it’s even more than a platform to curate the best deals and promos from email. Even though both of those are great features of the app, AdKaddy is truly a way to connect with the brands you love without the clutter and chaos of your inbox.

So, yes. All you have to do to finally take control over email, clean up your inbox, and still get the best content and deals from the brands you love is download a free app.

  • Declutter your personal Gmail inbox. Easily transition your promotions and marketing emails to AdKaddy.

  • Automatically organize all your emails by Brand, then by Marketing, Shipping, and Receipts in the free AdKaddy app.

  • Never shop online without the AdKaddy Chrome Extension and get the latest email deals on every website.

  • Finally take control of your consumer life while staying connected with your favorite brands.

Interested in AdKaddy? You can learn more about our our team and our mission on our website or download our free mobile app here.


Download AdKaddy for FREE today!


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23 mar 2022

Downloading right now! I always feel so overwhelmed by brands that I want to stay connected to, but there are so many emails. 😀

Me gusta
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