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How To Use AdKaddy To Own Your Gmail Inbox

The idea that your inbox is exclusive to work and personal communications is antiquated. In today’s digital world, your email has become the primary target for brands to spam any and all communications.

However, with emerging technology, we, the consumers, are now in a position to own our inbox and upgrade the way we interact with brands.

Here’s how you can learn to manage your inbox, while still staying connected to your favorite brands.

AdKaddy Gmail Inbox Organizer

Utilizing our mobile app, AdKaddy users have the means to divide and conquer their brand communications; first by brand, then marketing, shipping and receipts. With this functionality, consumers are able to automatically organize their favorite brands in the app, with immediate access to all brand information.

It's simple. Subscribe to brands in one click using the AdKaddy Chrome Extension or instantly start decluttering your Gmail by making use of AdKaddy's Gmail Integration!

So that's it. That’s how you can finally take control over email, clean up your inbox, and get the content and deals from the brands you love. Only this time around, you'll be the one in the driver's seat.

Interested in AdKaddy? You can learn more about our our team and our mission on our website or download our free mobile app here.


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