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How to Work From Home, like a champ.

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Did you think working from home was going to be a dream? Did it even feel like a mini vacation the first couple of days or weeks? Do you now find yourself missing that office you once dreaded?

Don't let the WFH burnout beat you. Here are some practical tips & tricks to stay both productive & sane.

1. 👖 Get dressed. Yep, that's right. Just get up and get dressed. Remove thy beloved PJs.

2. 🪑 Designate a work space - one that is not the couch or bed.

3. 🕔 Keep defined work hours. Don't sleep in. Don't stay up all night working. Instead, do the Dolly Parton - work from 9 to 5.

4. 🔁 Create a routine. Let me repeat that. Create a routine.

5. 🗞 Don't over consume the news. I'm not suggesting you live under a rock. But don't let the news damper your spirit.

6. 🤳🏾 Socialize. Embrace the webcam!


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