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Millennial mom apps

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Fellow mamas often wish they had another set of hands or extra hours in the day to get things done and do them well. These smart apps are the dream team for multitasking and maintaining productivity.

1. AdKaddy: Are you overwhelmed with inbox clutter? Organization starts with finding a simpler way to receive brand messaging; AdKaddy gives you that tool in a new consumer email address. Use it to checkout online, subscribe, sign up and more. AdKaddy stores and organizes all marketing communications in one place (no folders needed!), so you can make sense of your emails and never miss out on events, promotions or important updates (like shipping!) from the brands you love.

2. Instacart: Browse, buy and schedule delivery to your doorstep for all your grocery needs from major food stores with just a few taps. Instacart also tracks your frequent purchases for quicker, easier shopping.

3. Cozi: Manage everyday family life with Cozi. A shared calendar allows each user to view or edit schedules, add reminders, create grocery lists and more. Color-coding options also make planning for larger families a breeze.

4. Teladoc: Taking off of work and arranging childcare for a doctor visit is often difficult. Teladoc provides professional remote healthcare to treat common health issues, including cold and flu, allergies, cough, pink eye and more. It saves time while also offering peace of mind.

5. Venmo: Forgot cash for a service tip? No time to run by the bank before your babysitter shows up? Venmo allows you to make or receive mobile payments from friends and some local businesses, logging each transaction for future reference.


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