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Quick And Easy Tips To Clean Up Your Inbox Now

The modern email inbox is intimidating.

Every morning, day after day, we are bombarded with a seemingly endless stream of dings, bells and whistles. We feel helpless as those little red notifications soar to an inconceivable number, reminding us with every buzz just how much time we’ll be spending today trying to reach inbox zero.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Businesses have mastered the art of email blasting, invading consumers’ inboxes across the globe while we can do nothing but watch as our personal emails are overrun with advertisements, discount codes and promotions from companies we’ve never even heard of. It’s time to regain control of your inbox.

Here are 4 tips that helped us take back our personal inbox.

1. Create Labels To Filter Emails As They Arrive

Rather than scrolling through the endless void of unread emails, create custom labels that allow you to separate your inbox. We recommend having at least three: Work, Consumer, Personal. You can use these to quickly navigate from one facet of your inbox to another, without having to scroll for hours. Click here to find the step-by-step process to organize your gmail with labels.

2. Time Sensitivity

How long is too long? We tend to believe that we can’t delete emails because there’s a chance we will need them further down the road. This simply isn’t the case. Personally, I set my internal timer at 6 months. If an email hasn’t been addressed or followed up in that period of time, I remove it from my inbox. Take a few minutes to try this – your inner hoarder just might surprise you.

3. Prioritize Certain Emails

Once your filter labels are in place, you can take it one step farther. Organizing your inbox based on priority is another great way to get the most urgent emails to the top of your inbox. Even with the labels, some emails still manage to get lost. By prioritizing particular email addresses, you will never miss an important email from your boss again. Click here to find the step-by-step process to prioritize certain aspects of your gmail.

4. Automation

Now that your labels are created, old emails have been expunged and you have prioritized the important ones, let’s talk about inbox zero. That fabled phrase we’ve all heard of, yet never had the luxury of experiencing. Until now. AdKaddy is a free email organization app that allows its users to automatically sort their inboxes by brand, then by marketing, shipping, and receipts. One swipe and your gmail is instantly decluttered, and all those pesky brands are neatly placed in your AdKaddy inbox. The best part about it is that you don’t just reach inbox zero once. You stay there for good.

It's as simple as that. Those are our favorite tips that helped us take back control of our inboxes.

Now it’s your turn.

Interested in AdKaddy? You can learn more about our our team and our mission on our website or download our free mobile app here.


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