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Top 3 Tips To Organize Your Phone

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Though we may be attached at the hip—or palm—our smartphones are often more cluttered than organized, and more distracting than efficient.

Here are 3 tips to refresh your digital relationship and clean up your phone.

Organizing photos, emails, and apps on your phone
De-stressing is as simple as organizing your phone!

1. How To Organize Your Photos

Start by identifying your favorites and making a corresponding folder (use the heart icon to add each image to favorites). Next is delete duplicates, blurry photos and all the ones that don’t grab your attention. From there, you can create albums by date, location, events, or whatever best suits your style.

Pro Tip: Create an album and name it “To Edit” for photos you want to keep, but aren’t quite ready to be filed away!

2. How To Organize Your Email

The best way to clean up your inbox is by having the right tools for different types of emails. For example, apps like AdKaddy keep your personal inbox free of emails from your consumer life. It gives you a consumer email address for filtering all brand communications that come through email on a daily basis (like coupons, events, transactions, online subscriptions, newsletters) into one place. It organizes your emails by brand name. Not only will all emails from Lululemon be stored in the Lululemon folder, their app looks so much better than your traditional email inbox. Now, you can quickly find what you need and never miss out on what’s important to you. Say goodbye to the clutter and chaos of email.

Pro Tip: Use the free AdKaddy app to track shipping, file all receipts, and organize all the promotions emails from each brand.

3. How to Organize Your Apps

Getting creative with your folder titles helps with best categorizing each icon. Verb-based folders that go beyond the traditional “productivity” and “reference” names (Think: chat, travel, earn, or listen) will help connect your brain to what it’s looking for. Color-coding is another option for easy filing. And, when in doubt, alphabetical order is our favorite solution.

Pro Tip: Automatically alphabetize your apps from Settings ➡️

Open Settings.

Tap "General."

Scroll down and tap "Reset."

Tap "Reset Home Screen Layout.”

Those are our top 3 tips for organizing your phone and de-stressing your life. Find us on Instagram and let me know what else you want to read about!


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