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Top 5 Tips To Organize Your Email Inbox

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Inbox Zero: elusive, unrequited, seemingly impossible, yet highly desirable.

What if "inbox zero" were a rather simple reality? I found the ultimate (and free) tricks to help me get there. Here are 5 tips to help you manage your inbox.

Editor's note: the free AdKaddy app hyper organizes your inbox and automatically handle everything listed in this article!

1. Delete junk and spam mail every day

Staying on top of your non-essential emails can really take the bulk out of your inbox. Make it easier to find that urgent work email by consistently marking and deleting junk and spam out of your inbox. Even if the "unsubscribe" button only works half the time, you should still do it! Unroll me isn't a free tool, but can help with unsubscribing you from everything. I don't love it particularly because I don't want to be unsubscribed from my favorite brands and newslettersbut it may help you if you're desperate!

2. Use folders and tags to organize your inbox

Not every email is the same, so why do we treat it like that? Create folders and tags to divide and conquer your emails in order of importance. Superhuman isn't free, but an interesting tool that could help you hyper-organize your email and create folders and tags for your emails.

3. Respond to emails as you open them and then immediately delete or archive

Don’t put it off! As soon as you open an email, take care of it. They pile up quick, so knock them out as you read.

4. Star or mark items that you need to go back and finish

If a response requires more time and effort to produce, come back to it. Star or mark the emails you need to circle back to. Filtering emails once a day by your starred emails is key to not forgetting about them!

5. Differentiate email accounts for each part of your life

Another way to keep your inbox clutter-free is to minimize the amount of times you give out your personal/work email. Using a dedicated email address for personal life, work life, and your consumer life help you keep everything separated, neat and tidy. Now you can open an inbox knowing you're only seeing the information you want, when you want it.

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Happy organizing!


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